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Tool tracking
Access to a reliable identification and traceability solution for tool tracking is a real cause for concern for equipment managers.

RFID technology is a reliable, sustainable and adaptable means of identification, which guarantees the traceability of the entire equipment lifecycle.

Thanks to the simplicity of RFID readings, inventory is no longer a chore, but a simple, quick and reliable operation. For users, stocktaking becomes part of their daily routine whilst managers have a powerful stock management tool.

Reduction in losses, optimization of rates of use, monitoring of maintenance operations and levels of wear and tear... each operation is tracked and recorded, enabling optimized management of equipment.

Our solution:

  • Robust means of identification and assessment, meeting the challenges posed by equipment management
  • A variety of reading methods to adapt to all business processes
  • An easy to use and ergonomic software solution, which guarantees quick adoption by users and continued use.

For key accounts in the defence and aerospace industries, Picdi has implemented RFID traceability solutions for ranges containing over 40,000 pieces of equipment.

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