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About us
Picdi, a company founded in 2004, works with clients in the manufacturing and service industries to conduct projects with high technological added value.

Picdi makes its technological expertise available to businesses in order to optimize their productivity and profitability.

In providing a high quality of life and professional opportunities, Picdi is striving to highlight and sustain modern technology skills in France.

This alchemy is our trademark and offers the guarantee of our lasting involvement in the local, national and international economy.

Innovation, creativity, quality and dynamism are the key values held by our employees, who are constantly monitoring technological advances and seeking solutions that meet our clients' requirements.

Picdi has a simple aim: offering solutions that fit the needs of each business at the right time and at competitive prices.

Our investment in research leading to the creation of innovative products (RFID smart tags) makes us an ideal partner in studying and implementing RFID traceability solutions requiring technological expertise.

is a simplified joint stock company ("SAS") under French law with capital of €172,980.

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