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What are the uses of RFID?
RFID technology is already widely used in various areas of daily life, including access management, electronic vehicle registration, contactless payment, public transport, tracking people, animals and objects as well as in public places (ski resorts, libraries, sporting events, toll roads, etc.).

In all sectors, RFID technology has uses making it possible to optimize traceability, production processes and customer service. Using its experience of RFID integration, Picdi helps you to implement RFID solutions that fit your business.

Here are some examples of how it is used:

Cross Docking (simultaneous reading of pallets), Asset management, Stock management, Picking, Stocktaking...

Maintenance monitoring, Traceability of regulatory controls...

Facilities management
Mobile Equipment Tracking, Downtime management, Tool tracking, Localization...*

Tracking processes

Access control, anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting...

Smart packaging, Shelf-life management, Temperature monitoring, Real-time traceability, Traceability of disruption (temperature variation, humidity, impact) etc.

Moustic multimedia