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Temperature monitoring
Monitor the temperature of your products with minimum effort

The R&D Department of Picdi has designed and developed a range of RFID tags for monitoring events.
These tags combine the functions of a sophisticated recorder with the advantages and benefits of RFID technology for traceability and data retrieval.
Compact and with completely adjustable settings (acquisition rate, temperature thresholds, etc.), it can track and record the temperature variations of a product whenever it is being shipped and/or stored.
With flexible and easy RFID reading, these products are revolutionizing and simplifying temperature monitoring.

RFID technology has paved the way for the next generation of recorders, removing the need to open the packaging or take the sensor from the package to retrieve information.
The recorder remains in close proximity with the product at all times for reliable traceability with minimum effort.
The data is immediately retrieved through a simple RFID reading and the information is available on receipt of the products.

Just one tag, triple traceability: traceability of objects, traceability during transport and traceability of disruption.

With temperature measurements already available, Picdi is extending its product range with new versions integrating the recording of both temperature and humidity.
Ever-smarter recorders: more functions, more flexibility, more interactivity... Still with the same ease and speed of use.
The PIC N'TRACK software solution allows you to manage fully customizable measurements, no matter what your products: cold/warm chain monitoring, traceability of the manufacturing process, overview of the entire supply chain...
PICDI also provides business software solutions centring on the traceability of thermosensitive products, for example for the medical and pharmaceutical industry and the wines and spirits sector.

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