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Our strategy: innovation

Picdi invests heavily in internal R&D in order to remain at the forefront of innovative RFID-related technology (radiofrequency, electromagnetic compatibility, microelectronics, nanotechnologies, embedded software, etc.).

Within its Design Office, which is constantly monitoring technological advances, Picdi designs and develops innovative, effective and competitive RFID materials.

Picdi undertakes research and development projects on innovative smart tags, which combine RFID with additional functions. Therefore Picdi provides products addressing the challenges involved in shelf-life management, temperature monitoring, and so on. The concept and technology developed for these products make it possible to consider a variety of uses in areas as diverse as process tracking, cold chain monitoring, detecting impacts, securing shipments, etc.

Picdi won the Product Innovation Award in 2016 at the fifth edition of Emergence Awards.


Picdi is available to help you devise, develop or adapt products specifically for your needs and limitations. Submit your projects to us.
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