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Shelf-life management
opnpic-noirOP'N PIC® Picdi innovation (patent pending)

RFID label with display and detection of opening

As part of its R&D activities, Picdi has designed and developed OP'N PIC®.
This RFID label, which is intended primarily for the chemical, pharmaceutical and agri-food industries, centres on managing the shelf life of products after opening.
Many consumables have an expiry date that depends on the date of opening. Yet this expiry date is often unknown or simply overlooked by consumers. Picdi has therefore designed OP'N PIC®, an RFID label that detects when the packaging is opened and automatically displays the time remaining before the content has passed its use-by date.

picdi_-_rfid_2007_-_opnpicOP'N PIC® is first and foremost an RFID label. It provides all the benefits and advantages of this wireless technology in traceability and stock management: information storage capacity, adaptability, remote reading, simultaneous reading, etc. 

As well as RFID functions, the OP'N PIC® label has a dynamic display
. The addition of a dynamic display directly on the RFID device meets a genuine user need and provides the possibility to change both the content and visual of the label. In particular, the display facilitates picking operations with quick and easy access to strategic information. 

With OP'N PIC®, packaging becomes smart
. With its display and opening detection system, OP'N PIC® tells users if the product can still be used and makes it possible to optimize stock management using the time indicator. OP'N PIC® is therefore contributing to the reduction in food waste, preventing products from being thrown away because users were unaware of the date of opening, and in the use of products that have passed their use-by date, which could be unsafe. 

The configurable OP'N PIC® label can adapt to the product and packaging with which it is integrated
. Compact and flexible, it is the same size and shape as a credit card. The label is initially aimed at manufacturers in the chemical or pharmaceutical industries and is designed for use on large-capacity containers.

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